A major role in the successful promotion of company's investment project is assigned customers, which are not limited to income from investments. Most of our loyal clients and partners, who previously cooperated with know the company's ability, help us in attracting private capital in trust for an additional reward. Today we are pleased to offer such a possibility for everyone.

It's easy enough to become our partner. All you need to do is register an account and find a unique referral link. It is the use of this affiliate tool will bring you a guaranteed reward.

Affiliate program has three tiers. This means that you will earn a commission not only from your direct referrals, but also from their own ones.

  • 1
    In case anyone registered with your affiliate links makes a deposit you get 5% of this amount.
  • 2
    If your partner is also actively promoting our company and attracting investors, all his referrals will be your referrals of second tier and bring a commission of 2%.
  • 3
    The third tier of the affiliate program is 1%.

The resulting commission can be used at your discretion. If this amount is equal to or greater than $ 20, you can make a deposit from your balance. You can also withdraw this amount as usual profit.

All you need for affiliate activity is to be registered on our website and have active deposit on any amount. We are confident that this is the best way to check opportunities of . We recommend that you do not limit your return on investment and use affiliate tools.